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Teeth Whitening (ZOOM)

We offer both in-office whitening (ZOOM) and take home whitening solutions. Teeth that start beautifully white eventually can discolor. It is part of the aging process that everyone has to go through; and apart from that, it can discolour because of the food you eat, the beverage you drink, medication you take in and habits that you have such as smoking. After some time, you will realize that your teeth are no longer as white as you used to remember them, and you feel frustrated. With some people, the natural shades of their teeth are more yellowish than others and they may also have a desire to have whiter teeth. For both conditions, a teeth whitening procedure can provide a solution.

The different whitening processes are generally divided into two types, in-office or take home. Take home procedures are simpler, so they can be carried out by the patient on their own, and they can be obtained over-the-counter or for better results from the dental office. In-office treatments involve more complicated measures and therefore require the expertise of the dentist and his team. It also makes use of more powerful whitening agents, so proper handling of the chemicals are required.

In-Office Whitening

The cost of in-office whitening procedures is higher compared to take home systems, but there are many reasons why more people are willing to spend for it. First of all, if you are more intent on obtaining impressive results, then you will have to consider using a more powerful and definitely more effective treatment. The teeth have pores. The enamel rods communicate with the dentinal tubules and during a teeth whitening process, a component within the agent causes them to open so that the whitening component can penetrate into tissues and work its bleaching action.

The whitening agent used in the in-office procedures are stronger and more powerful, explaining the results. At the beginning of the procedure, there is a precise isolation process that has to be carried out to cover the soft tissues of the mouth and protect it from making contact with the strong whitening agent. The isolation procedure is carried out by the dentist or any trained person in the dental team, after which the whitening agent is prepared and the procedure can begin.

At the end of the teeth whitening process, a good teeth whitening procedure can achieve as much as 3 to 10 shades lighter teeth, depending on the strength of the agent being used. The results, however, even though impressive are not permanent. Any effect obtained will fade so touch-ups may be necessary.