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Full Dentures and Denture Repair

One option to replace missing teeth is full dentures. While not as good as healthy natural teeth, dentures can provide a patient with many missing teeth much better esthetics and chewing ability than missing many teeth.

The most basic prosthetic work provided to patients is removable full dentures. It could be prescribed both for partial or complete edentulism, so that a patient can masticate his food well, form speech sounds efficiently, smile confidently and maintain his healthy and youthful appearance.

Retention is provided, first and foremost, by the denture base. They are constructed so that it adheres to the surface of the jaw and conforms with its shape and form. Surface tension provided by the saliva offer some kind of suction that helps to retain the dentures in the mouth.

After Denture Delivery

The finished product of a properly designed and constructed denture should deliver a prosthesis that will restore functions of the teeth and transform the look of the patient. Dentures can be constructed using different materials. The denture base can be made of acrylic but it can also have some metal components. The artificial teeth can either be made of plastic or porcelain. Upon delivery, all components will be intact and the newly fabricated prosthesis will look smooth and polished.

If you want to maintain the perfect condition and appearance of your dentures, here are some guidelines you could consider:

  1. Always have your denture case with you, so that you can store it there when you have to remove them. Misplaced dentures are common and it usually happens to patients who have a habit of taking the dentures off.
  2. Soak your dentures in a denture bath, at least twice a week using commercially sold denture cleaners. If this is unavailable, washing your dentures with soapy water would be good, too, and it will help retain the lustre of the material.
  3. To remove the bad smell of dentures which develop over time, you can soak the dentures in a mixture of luke warm water and vinegar. This will remove impurities and get rid of bad odors.

If any of the components break or if you noticed that your dentures do not fit that well anymore, you can always take them back to your dentist. Minor denture repairs can be provided to you, so that you can continue using your denture. If the damage that the denture acquired is beyond repair, consider the need for the fabrication of new dentures. Be aware that while some patients are able to enjoy their prosthesis for a long period, this is not true for all.