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Dental Emergency (Tooth Pain)

Dental pain is one of the worst things that a person suffer. The most severe dental pain symptoms can cause a patient to not sleep, work or function normally. If you are in severe pain, we will see you same day and without an appointment and get you out of pain as our top priority.


An infection that has become severe is the most common culprit for such pain. A tooth decay that was not dealt with can spread into the pulp. When the pulp is infected, the pain can be quite severe and abscess can form at the apex of the tooth. Unless the infection is liberated through a root canal treatment procedure, the infection will continue to spread and the pain will be present. At times the root cause may not be dental caries. The problem could have been brought about by a tooth fracture or a severe tooth abrasion due to night grinding. If the pulp gets exposed, the tooth will become sensitive and it will present with some pain. Sometimes the pain will not be worrisome but in an instant the symptom will be too much for you to tolerate. Tooth pain related to pulp exposure can be quite excruciating and unless the condition is addressed, to symptom will persist.


A root canal treatment will extirpate the diseased pulp and remove the infection. The abscess formed under the tooth causes pressure and by accessing the canal, the pressure is released and the patient will automatically be relieved of the pain. Sometimes, when a root canal cannot be completed, a desensitizing agent can be applied to the exposed pulp and this will help to ease the pain. In some cases, simply accessing the canal and extirpating pulp will be enough. This will be a temporary solution for the problem. The tooth will be temporarily sealed and the patient will be released and scheduled for a root canal appointment.


Other dental emergencies


Apart from tooth pain, there are all other emergencies that a patient may need help for. A broken denture or crown compromises the patient’s oral functions so immediate repairs have to be done. Some of the repairs that can be done will involve simple relining, recementation of crowns, re-attachment of broken components and attachment of dislodged pontics or artificial teeth.


More examples of dental emergencies include tooth or jaw fractures incurred after an physical blow to the face and sometimes, avulsion of the tooth from the socket. Whatever emergency you may have, a dentist will be equipped and ready to make things better.